Is Amazon Student Worth it?

First off, what is amazon student or prime student? Amazon student is Amazon prime for students. The only difference is the price. Amazon student is much cheaper than regular Amazon prime.

Is Amazon Student Worth it?

Amazon prime is free for 6 months to any college student with a college email. So of course the first 6 months is definitely worth it. Almost anything free is worth it especially when your in college.

amazon student

After the first 6 months, then is it worth it?

So after the first year Amazon Student cost $49 (half the price of amazon prime for non-students). Is Amazon Student worth $49 a year? Well lets look at the pros of Amazon Student.

Free 2 day shipping

Free music

Free Movies

Free photo Storage

Prime early Access

Free release date delivery (with discounts)

Amazon Pantry

Free Two Day Deliveryprime-shipping

I think this category alone makes my prime worth it. I usually wait until the first day of classes to order books, so if they say we need the book ASAP, I go home and order it and it is there by the 2nd or 3rd class. I use it almost every time I place an order. Almost anytime there is a Prime next to the price, it is free 2 day shipping. This has definitely came in handy for books, presents, and Halloween outfits. So this alone pays for it. But you might say…

What If I don’t need 2 day shipping?

If you don’t need two day shipping, you can also choose 3-5 day shipping and then you receive some other benefits. I have used it as a $5.99 credit towards Amazon pantry, or $1 toward music or some other credit. So even if you don’t use the 2 day shipping, you still benefit from it as a member. 

Amazon Pantryprime-pantry

Amazon pantry is something I have not used yet, but I know of people who have. When you live in dorms and do not have a car, it is not a bad idea. Why grocery shop when you can do it online for about the same price. 

Amazon Music

I am not a big music person, but I do love the free music. I am a big Eminem fan, and I have found over 50 Eminem songs to listen to and even have them on my phone now thanks to amazon music. This beats paying for songs or albums individually.

Amazon Movies

I do not use these a whole lot because I keep getting addicted to Netflix series like Breaking Bad and Shameless, but I have watched a couple and they do have some good movies. If I didn’t have Netflix, I would probably watch many more movies on there.


Photo Storage

I love the photo storage because have a problem with phones breaking or not working right so I always seem to lose pictures. I now have backed up photos from my laptop and from my phone onto here. 

Early access and Release date delivery

I have only used about once each I think, but I have used them. I ordered a few random things from lightning deals with the amazon early access. I used the release date delivery for Black ops 3 and it got here in the middle of the day, although I couldn’t play it because the servers were/still are awful.

Another cool thing they are doing (as of right now), is 20% off of pre-ordered games or new releases. The new battlefield 1 is only $47.99 right now instead of $59.99 everywhere else!


For the first 6 months, every student should take advantage of the free 6 months. For me, I think Amazon Student is worth it after the first 6 months because I use the free two day shipping and I use everything else a little too. If you think pay for 2 day shipping like 2-3 times, you probably already paid off the amazon student membership annual fee of $49. 

To me I think it is well worth it and I will continue to use it throughout college, at least until they make me pay the full $99.

Join Amazon student with me!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

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