How to Pass Calculus

Calculus can be difficult the first time you take it, but it has two main concepts, derivatives and integrals. Calculus 1 is mainly about derivatives and calculus 2 is mainly about integrals. After calculus 2, I can’t help much, but the resources I list will probably still help you after calculus 2.

How to Pass Calculus

  1. To pass calculus, start with a good professor. Like I mentioned in how to pass college classes, a good professor is key to any class, especially math classes.
  2.  Know your basic algebra. Algebra is a big part of calculus. Much of calculus problems is algebra. Usually, the actual stuff you learn in calculus is only 1-2 steps on a problem and the rest might be all algebra.
  3. Do the homework. Homework is usually just like the quizzes or exams. If you know how to do all of the homework a professor assigns, usually you will have a good understanding of what’s on the test. Sometimes questions are about exactly the same, just some numbers are changed.
  4. Know what everything is worth in the class. Sometimes you will only have exams and other times you will have quizzes daily and then a few exams too. Focus on what is worth the most. Regardless if homework is worth anything, you should always do it for practice. It will be worth your time.
  5. If your struggling, get help. Help is fairly easy to get because so many people struggle with math. Usually universities will have places to get help. If you procrastinated and waited till the last minute, get help online.

Calculus Help Online

Wolframalpha can help you get through about any math problem you have. When you first go to Wolframalpha, there is a search bar you can type in any equation to. If you type in an equation like 4x^4 to the search bar, it will give you several answers coming from graphing the equation, to the domain and range, and even the derivative and integral. It will even show you step by step for derivatives if you pay (I do for free).wolframalpha

Another useful tool in calculus is khan academy. They are an excellent way to learn how to do many different types of problems in calculus and other math problems. They are pretty much a personal professor helping you with specific problems. Best thing is they are free!

My Help

I have personally written two posts on two concepts in Calculus. Here are the two pages.

How to take a derivative

How to do the chain rule

If there is anything you have questions about or would like me to write another page like the two listed above, please comment below!


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