How to Calculate GPA in College

To calculate GPA in College, you will need to know 3 things. You need to know your grade in each class, how many credit hours the class in worth, and your total credit hours you are taking.

How to Calculate your GPA

Take what your grade is worth, then multiply it by the amount of credit hours that class is worth. The table to the right is what A-F is worth.  So if you get an ‘A’ in a 3 credit hour class, multiply 3×4 = 12.

Do this for all your classes, then add all of them up. After you have your total, divide it by the amount of credits you are taking. This will give you your GPA.

GPA Examples

If my outcome for a semester is what is shown to the right, then here is how I would calculate my GPA.

  1. English Comp – 3 (credit hours) x 3.67 (points given for A-) = 11.01 quality points
  2. Calculus – 4 (credit hours) x 2.67 (points given for B-) = 10.68 quality points
  3. Physics – 4 (credit hours) x 3.33 (points given for B+) = 13.32 quality points
  4. Intro to German – 3 (credit hours) x 4 (points given for A) = 12 quality points
  5. Human Geography – 3 (credit hours) x 4 (points given for A) = 12 quality points

Then add all these up to get 59.01 quality points. Then you divide your total quality points by your total number of credits hours you are taking, so in this case, 17. This will give you a final GPA of 3.471.

That is how to calculate your GPA in college.

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