How to Sell College Textbooks Easily

Unsold or unused old textbooks are about worthless. Down the road they will most likely not be used, besides maybe as a fire starter. Everyone should do these few things and get rid of their books. Here are 5 ways to sell textbooks.

5. eBay

eBay is one way that is easy to sell books, but they do not always sell. They also charge a fee of like 10% to sell the book. You are also competing with other sellers. I personally do not like eBay as well as other options.

4. Amazon

Amazon has two options, you can either sell it on there or exchange it for a gift card. I am not real sure how to sell it on there or what the fees will be, but exchanging it for a gift card might be a fast option. Exchanging it for a gift card will not get near what you will selling it other places.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist is awesome because there will be no fees, and you are selling it in a specific area. This will be good because sometimes books are university specific so you have to get the universities edition. Being that craigslist goes off of location, you will be able to find other people who need the university edition book.

2. Friends

I prefer this over anything. If you find a friend to sell to, its the best option because you know them and you are not meeting up with a random person to sell your books.

1. In Person

This is one of the best ideas I have been given. Go to the same class you used the book in at the beginning of the next semester. Most likely everyone in that class will need the book. Then you can sell it to anyone in the class that didn’t buy a book yet. 

Time is Crucial 

Being that books update versions every 3-4 years, the longer you wait, the more worthless your textbook is. If a class if no longer using the version you have, your book is worth much, much less. Basically, sell your books the nest semester if you can.

Other Options

There are several other websites you can sell your textbooks on. Almost any other website that sells textbooks will most likely buy them off you too. You have many options, but the ones above are the most common/easiest.

If you have any other ways to sell books besides what I mentioned, please comment below!


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