How to NOT Look Like a Freshman in College

There are a few things that almost every freshman does at some point. Anyone who is not a freshman will probably agree when reading this.

6 Things Almost Every Freshman Does

  1. Wearing your lanyard around your neck. This is pretty much a dead giveaway that you are a freshman. Usually this will die off quick, but at the beginning of a semester, it is common.
  2. Using a map. This is about like the first one, it’s a dead giveaway. This doesn’t happen a whole lot because usually people have a decent understanding of where his or her classroom is
    before the first day of classes.
  3. Wearing orientation shirts. This is usually common the first few days at the beginning of the semester, but not always a sign of a freshman. Some people still wear theirs after freshman year, but it is very common during your first week of classes when they usually do not have many college shirts yet.
  4. Cargo shorts. This varies from college to college, but many of the colleges around me, this is true for. Usually if you see a group of students with cargos, they are freshman. During welcome week, most freshman wear cargos.
  5. Walking into your classroom and stopping. This is a common thing freshman do on the first day of classes, but not much after that. They will usually walk in and stop in the entrance of the classroom and look around searching for a place to sit.
  6. High school apparel. I feel like everyone does this once in awhile, because you will get to a point where you just don’t care. That being said, some high school gear, like a varsity jacket, screams freshman. Not saying you can’t wear it, just saying usually only freshman do.

Here are 6 things that most freshman do. If you can avoid doing these things as a

freshman, it will be much harder to distinguish what year you are. These are not going to always be true and these are not going to be the only things that make freshman stick out, just the ones I know of.

If you have anything else that screams freshman or freshman “tips” like the ones in the pictures, please let me know!

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  1. The idea centers on research that shows just how important a student’s first year of college is as a predictor of graduation. Adapting to campus can be a challenge, so this would allow first-year students to get comfortable and have extra support on campus.

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