How to Prepare for the Job Interview You’ve Always Wanted

You have finally got that job interview you have been wanting, but now you have to ace that interview. Acing an interview is not something you can do by “winging” it, so here are some things to do to prepare.

Look up the Company

I would hope you have done this a little
bit already, but sometimes at career fairs, you get an interview without knowing much about the company. Be sure to know what they do at the location you are applying for. Sometimes companies like Sony might be huge, but one location they might produce headphones and another one might make TV’s or Cameras. You don’t want to say how you are interested in developing new cameras and then at the location they are interviewing you for makes headphones.

Know some fun fact or try to remember something from their website that you can bring up during the interview. For Example, if they ask “Why do you want to work for us?” You can say well I have always been interested in the (blank) industry and I noticed on your website that you guys are in the top 3 in the industry.

Go Over Sample Interview Q&A’s

Find common interview questions and practice the answers. If you are prepared, you will know responses and you will not be unable to answer a question. Not answering questions does not look good.

Wear the Right Attire

Sometimes you do not have to wear a suit to an interview. Dress according to the job. One rule of thumb I have read is that you should dress one step up from what they wear on a day to day basis. If you are working where they wear dress shirts or polo’s, then wear a dress shirt and tie. If you don’t know what they wear, always dress more than needed.

Clean Up

Make sure you shave or clean up your facial hair, cut nails and all that stuff. Some employers will notice that stuff. Appearance is a big part of acing an interview.

Know What Your Bringing

Always bring a folder with a pen and paper, resumes, and references. Have paper for notes, a few resumes for you and interviewees, and references in case they ask. I usually have around 5 resumes just to be safe. Sometimes when more than one person is interviewing you, they might only have one resume on them and you can offer one to the other people. It is also nice to follow along on your own resume when they are asking you questions about it.

Last Thing

Know how far away the place is and plan to be there early so trains or other things do not make you late. Also scope out the company location before you go on the interview day because I have been late to one interview because the address they gave me was generic and the GPS brought me somewhere else. For example, they told me main street, but the street could be north main street or south main street and they didn’t specify. I got there 1 minute before the interview and they were waiting on me. It was NOT a very good first impression.

If you do everything I have outlined, you will be very prepared for the interview, probably more prepared than your counterparts. Good luck!

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