Is Valorebooks legit?

I have had a few different experiences with Valorebooks and some were good and I also had a bad one.

Is Valorebooks legit?

Valorebooks is legit, but it similar to an Amazon or eBay. They have several different sellers within one site. This means one experience could be completely different from the next. That’s exactly how mine were.

My Experiences 

I have had 2-3 good experiences and one awful one. The first time I ordered, it says it was being shipped from out of country and within 2-3 days, it was at my doorstep. No issues, exactly what I ordered.

The next time I ordered, it took a little longer, but I also got exactly what I wanted. Another good experience.

The last time I ordered was a nightmare. First, I order two books with express shipping. After waiting like over a week, I email them asking where my book is. First, they told me to wait on the shipping company. A few days later, I emailed them again. They told me one of the books was lost in transit? So I emailed the company and got refunded for the book that was lost. I then emailed them and asked for a refund for express shipping because it took so long and I got refunded the difference between standard and express shipping.  Then I am waiting for the second book and after 14 days after my order, I got my book. It was the WRONG ONE! I was furious so I emailed them a long message complaining about their service and how my book was the wrong one and they said they were out of the book I ordered and could not send a replacement. Eventually, after talking to a rep there, I got a refund for the book and shipping costs. I asked for a discount on the next order because of the troubles and they did give me one, which I have yet to use.

Legit, but is it Worth it?

Even though they are a legit company (from my experiences), does not mean it is worth it to order off of them. You could run into issues with any company, but my experience with Valorebooks was awful. I am not scared to order off of them again, because the are consistently the cheapest. Here is a screenshot from bigwords that shows how much cheaper Valorebooks is. 

If you do order and have issues, you will most likely get all your money back (I did, even got reimbursed for shipping the book back). If you need the book really quick, you could always get it 2 day shipped with amazon student, like I had to do after receiving the wrong book.

So, yes they are legit, but might have some bad companies within Valorebooks. I would still trust them and order off of them again! Hopefully this helped.

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