How to Search for a Job Online

College is great and all, but it pretty much stops when you graduate. They never teach you how to search for the job you want. To find the job you want, you have to look in the right spots. There are hundreds of websites out there, but I only use about 4 of them. The four I use all have something different that I like about them.

The 4 Websites I use to Search for a Job Online

  1. Linked In. If you haven’t heard of linked in, it is almost like a professional social media account that is made for both employers and people looking for jobs. Linkedin is my favorite because they allow you to build a profile to show off all your previous experiences and skills. This allows companies to find you also. Linked in is one of the only websites where you can have professional connections. According to Linked in….
  1. Indeed. I like indeed because of the layout and the way it searches. Indeed also keeps track of what you have searched so you can revisit searches if you need to. The old searches will also let you know when there is a new posting within that section. For example, if I search for a chemical engineering job in the zip code of 62847 then the next time a chemical engineering job is posted around 62847, a number will show up next to the old searches. One more thing I like about indeed is that you can fill out a resume and cover letter and submit them to several jobs instead of filling out all of that information for every job application. Some companies make you fill it out on their site though.
  1. Glassdoor. Glassdoor is similar to indeed, but I mainly use it for reviews. Reviews seem to be more in depth and you can search by specifics of a job. You can also see the average income of someone in the same spot that you are trying to get. The one thing I do not like about this is that I think you have to pay for some information. You can find a bunch of reviews without paying anything.
  2. Craigslist. The reason I like craigslist is because usually they are in desperate need of people. Craigslist seems like a less formal site to find jobs. Some jobs may only require a few email exchanges and a casual interview. This may help you find a job quicker or give you more to negotiate with. IF they really need someone, they might even pay a little more.


These are just my favorite 4 sites to search for jobs. There are several others that would work just as well, there is just specific things I like about each of these 4. Visiting all of these will give you the most exposure to all the job opportunities and how the company/job is rated. When I am looking for a job, I usually start at linked in and indeed, then go to Glassdoor for salaries and job reviews, then end with craigslist just to make sure I didn’t miss an opportunity! Hopefully this helps your job search!

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