The Best Credit Card for Students

Through all the annoying credit card offers I get though the mail, there is one great one I wish I would’ve had at throughout all of college.

Best Credit Card for Students

The best offer I have ever seen from credit cards is Discover Student card. They have two options for student credit cards. The two options are shown in the picture below.

Which Credit Card is Better?

The credit cards above seem to be very similar. Looking over most of the details, there is only one main difference and it’s listed in the picture above. The Chrome Card gives you 2% on restaurants and gas stations and 1% on everything else, and the other one gives you 5% on rotating categories and then 1% on everything else. This is the only main difference.

The Chrome cards would be ideal for commuters or people who love to eat at restaurants. The other one has 5% rotating categories in anything from home improvement stores, to restaurants, to amazon. It rotates every 3 months. I like this one, but you have to pay attention to what the category is to get the most out of the card.


Benefits are better now than they were when I signed up. Here are some things they added on top of cashback.

Money for Good Grades. If you receive above a 3.0 over the course of a year, you will receive $20. You can do that each year for up to 5 years. The $20 will be added to your cashback on your card!

Match your Cashback. They will match your cashback credit for the first year. Whatever you have at the end of a year will get doubled. This could easily be over $100 if you spend money like I do.

Cashback never Expires. I have been building mine up for about two years and I am just saving it until I want to buy something big from amazon and then Ill just use it as a credit on my order.

No Late Fee. Your first late payment will not have a late fee on it.

Free Credit Score. You can check your credit score pretty easily on discovers website.

No Fraud Liability. You won’t be charged if there is an unauthorized charge on your card.

My Suggestion

If you do not have a credit card, definitely get one. You could easily make $200 the first year from discover if you pay your bill off each month and don’t gain interest. If I would’ve gotten paid for good grades and doubled my first year, I would have made over $300. You can also raise credit score with them. I have loved my credit card so far, so that’s why I’m recommending it. Plus you will get $50 if you sign up for one!


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