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College Gen Chem 1 is time consuming and tedious at times, especially if you have to do an online program such as ALEKS or something similar. ALEKS was very helpful for tests, but very time consuming and can get annoying. First, I am going to give you the very basics in Chem.

The Basics of Chemistry

Assuming you just started chem, and don’t know anything about chem, I am going to start with the very basics. On a periodic table each box has 2 numbers, 1 to 2 letters, and sometimes the elements name. The number on the top is how many protons the atom of that element has. The bottom number is how much 1 mole of that element weighs (in grams). The letters are just how chemistry defines that element. Sometimes this is the first letter of the element and other times, it can be not related, such as gold’s letters being Au.

Here are three other things I have tried to explain:

Drawing Lewis structures

How to know the charge of an element 

How to find Molar mass

I’m going to leave the rest of the explaining to experts. Here are some websites that helped me through out Chem 1. They make online programs a little bit less stressful.

Chemistry Help Sites

Listed below are links to helpful pages I used when I was taking Chemistry.

Find elements name or formula   – This website helps so much if you get confused between elements that end in “ite” or “ate.”

Balance Equations – In case balancing equations get confusing.

Molar Mass – So useful for multi-step questions where you have to know moles and/or molar mass.

Unit converters – Almost any chemistry units you will need.

Colors absorbed and observed

Another site that helps you when combining elements. Check out this example for N2 + H2 = NH3

Transition metal charges 


If you have any questions or any other helpful websites, just comment below.

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