Hey there, I’m Trevor! I am the owner of collegesurvivalguy.com. I am your guy to help you survive college. College is rough sometimes so I am here to help make is at easy and cheap as I can.

I started college survival guy to help college students (even high school students) with some knowledge that I have learned over the years along with some great advice from my brothers and mentors. Some of you may not have anyone to go to for advice or help. If so, I am your guy.

There are a few main things that college survival guy talks about.

First and most important is saving money on college expenses.

Second, helpful tips or websites that every college student should know.

Lastly, I will try to help you pass all your classes. I will help you with specific topics, but if I can’t help, I will try to point you to something or someone who can.

Throughout my blog posts, I will share some random things I’ve learned, along with personal experiences.

Over the next couple of years I hope to expand this site to be very useful to  students all around the United States (and wherever else I can help out). I hope this website will help students save thousands of dollars on tuition, books, alcohol, and any other things we all spend too much money on.

If you have anything that you think I should write about, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!