College classes are all different depending on what you want to go into, but here are some things are ALWAYS similar. There are 8 main things that will determine your grade and whether or not you pass.

rate-my-professor-logoThe Professor

I am convinced that your professor is the #1 factor when determining your grade. Professors are responsible for how much work you do, what grade you get, and also how much you learn. They will determine whether you do 2-3 hours of work a night or less than 1 hour. They will determine whether you get -10 off for a problem  or -3. They will also determine how much you actually learn. Interesting professors can make information stick with you.

I can not stress how crucial a good professor is. I have recently had a single professor keep me off the deans list. Straight A’s (and A-‘s) with 1 C+. If you take anything away from this article, a good professor is key to good grades!

Take Classes with Friends

Taking classes with someone you know always helps. Yeah, you can meet new people in the classes, but knowing someone before the first class helps. With friends in your class, you always have someone to study with or to ask questions. You always have someone to text outside of thetexts classroom. If you have a question about when something is due or what chapter is due, (like I always do), you can just text them. It also makes classes more enjoyable.

Show up to Class

One of the biggest struggles is showing up to class. Whether you’ve had a long day or just don’t want to get out of bed, you should still show up. You never know when they will give you homework, a quiz, or even give you extra credit for showing up. I have had all of these. One class there was only 15 out of 80 people who showed up, so we got extra credit. If you want to skip, just go and  play on your phone or laptop in class. 

Don’t do all the Reading

Yes, you read that right. Doing all the reading assignments given is usually a waste of time. Several assignments professors will tell you to read a couple sections and then they will just go over it the next day. Most of the time it is just a waste of time. I am not saying never read assignments, I am just saying I would not read every one, especially if you have other homework. 


Talk to people who have taken the classes. This will help you in so many ways. When it comes to exams, practice exams will tell you what the professors expect of you for tests. They usually are not exactly the same, but sometimes similar. Other times friends will give you books or old homework so you know what to expect when the professor gives you a vague description of an assignment. You may also get cheap books. 

Time Managementclasses

Plan your schedules and give yourself time (don’t give yourself 10-15 to walk to the other side of campus). Yeah, sometimes it is nice to pack classes in to get them over with, but sometimes it just isn’t worth it. It isn’t worth running on campus just to make it in time for class. Another thing is if you give yourself some time before your class, you can finish up homework or review notes right before a test. 


This goes along with the not reading every assignment. Get bigger projects out of the way and then, if you want to read the assignment, go for it. Prioritizing means studying for tests worth 30% of the grade instead of studying a quiz worth 5%.

Prioritizing classes may be necessary if you are not great at time management. If you have two big projects due and little time, focus more on the class that is worth more credit hours. After all, your GPA will be better if you focus on a presentation for a 3 credit hour class rather than a 1 credit hour class.

Staying Organized

This is one that I am not the best at yet. Staying organized helps everything. When your organized, you know when all your assignments are due, you know what is coming up on your schedule, and helps you remember what the assignment is. Assignment notebooks or apps on your phone can help, as long as you check and update them regularly.

Most Important!

The most important tip is to get a good professor (check ratemyprofessor). It will change an entire class experience and benefit your GPA. Sometimes this is the ONLY thing you need. If you can follow all 8 of these, you will most likely get all A’s and B’s.

Specific Help

I am going to try my best to help with you with specific subjects.

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