Saving money on college and in college is a necessity to students. College is not very affordable for anyone, but there are many avoidable ways that colleges try to take your money. There are fees for everything! Here are 5 of the biggest fees associated with college.

Tuition and General Feescollege fees

College tuition is usually the most expensive part of college. Tuition is something that is hard to get around without scholarships. I do have several tips to lower your overall cost of tuition so you are not paying more than you absolutely have to, but the tuition part of college will still be expensive.

General fees are just about anything included on your bill besides tuition and housing. There is library fees, infrastructure fees, and many other fees colleges add just to make your bill more expensive. You can avoid some of these, such as lawyer fees, green funds (to make the campus greener), and health insurance (very expensive and probably pointless for most students). Some are unavoidable, but you can minimize them with the right steps.


Dorms are one of the biggest wastes of money in college. Dorms will sometimes cost just as much as tuition. Sometimes they may be hard to avoid because student loans will cover them, but they are also the most expensive ways to live in college. If you can avoid them with renting a house near campus, it will definitely save you money.

Booksbook costs

Books are one of the most outrageous college costs that can be easily avoided. I can not stand to pay over $115 for two books like the picture on the right. Sometimes costs are $250+ per book and I might not even open it throughout the semester. Avoiding high book costs will save hundreds to thousands a year.  You might even be able to make money if you do it right.

Meal Plan

Meal plans are usually fairly expensive. Mine was roughly $6-7 a meal which isn’t bad for a buffet, but when you eat 150 buffets at $6-7, it gets pricey. Avoiding meal plans would probably be best if you are on a tight budget, but then again school loans can pay for this so it is nice to have unlimited food whenever you get hungry. Besides buffets always beat cooking!!

Fraternities and Sororities

These are both very costly, but also the easiest to avoid. Just simply not joining will save you thousands. There is no special ways to lower these that I am aware of, but avoiding them is very helpful when on a tight budget.

amazon student*Bonus*

Saving money in college goes beyond just saving money on the 5 things above. One thing to take note of, many businesses offer college discounts. Like a lot of them, anywhere from big businesses to smaller local businesses. I have received discounts on memberships (like the picture above), skiing, tickets, and even food. College discounts are definitely something to be aware of.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments, let me know in the comments below!