Here is a list of all the resources that I think will help you in college. I recommend these sites to college students everywhere because they will help you in one way or another.

Websites for Books

Amazon prime – Free two day shipping if your a member (free for first year). They also have cheaper prices than most websites. Read my review on amazon student. 

Bigwords – A website that compares hundreds of websites prices online. This site will give you the cheapest book price that it finds in all the sites it searches through. I use it about every time I have to buy a book for classes.

Valorebooks – One of the cheapest websites for international books. I’ve had good experiences and a one awful. Read full review.

School Help

Ratemyprofesor – One of the best resources for students to use. Find the best and easiest professors there are!!

Chegg – Chegg sells cheap books, gives answer solutions, and study prep. This is an amazing guide for homework! This is how I learned some of my subjects.

Khan Academy – This company/group of people have many helpful videos online for math and physics.

Wolframa – Wolframa solves any math equation you have. It has much more than just math. I don’t use it much, but it is helpful.

Quizlet – A site that has many vocab practice tests and can help with electives. Practice tests on quizlet will help so much for online homework and quizzes.

Easybib – The website will cite online sources for you. If you have an article online, all you do is enter the URL and it will site that page for you.

Essay Typer – This website will type a report about the topic you type in. It can be used for ideas of what to write about (do not copy this because it is plagiarism and not sure how accurate it actually is). It is more fun to just play around with!

Endmemo– Helps with many aspects of chemical equations. It helps with molar masses, chemical names and much, much more. I just used it for these two. – Balances chemical equations for you.


Must have Phone Apps 

Amazon music – free with Amazon prime and if you like music, definitely worth it. Amazon prime gives you thousands of free songs. Not all the songs you want are going to be on there, but most will.

Acorns – This is an investing app. Most college students dont have much to invest with so this is a good start. I have it set up to round every purchase, through my credit card,. up to the nearest dollar. Once it reaches $5, it will invest it and you can make money. I like it because you don’t even realize your investing money.

Cash or Venmo – These apps are both the same thing. They both transfer money from one bank account to another. I can’t tell you how useful this is in college. Splitting the costs of pizza, rent, bills, or beer are all so much easier.

Google photos – Stores all your photos online for free.

I can’t wake up – An alarm clock for any heavy sleeper. It can be very loud and you can set it so you have to do a specific task to shut off the alarm. You can set it to math problems, puzzles, or even scanning a bar code.

Ink notes – This is a good place to write things you want to remember. I use it for gift ideas and tasks I need to get done.

Gas buddies – Ideal for commuters who spend a lot on gas. This will help you find the cheapest gas in the area. It also can warn you when gas prices start rising.

Mint – This is a spending tracker. You hook in up to your bank and it will give you weekly summaries of how much you spend in specific categories. It will also tell you when you have bills coming. It will help with budgeting. I do not use it much anymore.

Save Money on Groceries, Beer, and Gifts!

Ibotta and checkout 51 – Both rebate apps that are very easy to use. Once you are 21, it is a must!  I get cash back on beer and liquor. Up to $3 a case or $5 a bottle!!

Woot – Everyday woot has different deals. This is where I got my first laptop that I am still using today (over 4 years later).

Groupon – Great place to find discounted trips, restaurants, or activities.

Ebates – A website that gives you up to 25% back on online orders! Most websites will give you between 3-8% cashback. I’ve made over $50 back on purchases.

Simpletuition – Gives you loan information. I put in just basic information on the front page and it immediately gave me 5 loan options listing the total cost of the loan I selected.


Swagbucks – Swagbucks can be used several different ways. It can be used for coupons, playing games, taking surveys, or much more. I just use it as a search engine. I’ve made almost $20 from just using swagbucks instead of google.

Linked in – Professional networking website. I would always recommend this especially when you are searching for a job.

Here is a list of all the resources I used most in college. If you can think of more, or have any comments on the ones above, feel free to comment below.